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September 2022 WDUG VIRTUAL Db2 for z/OS Meeting

  • 09/13/2022
  • 8:45 AM - 2:00 PM
  • https://meet.goto.com/147527797


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Meeting Agenda – Sept 13th, 2022

8:45 - 8:55 AM CST


Introduction by Chris Muncan/Dustin Ratliff, IDUG & Scott Follmer, Cigna… for the STLDUG, WDUG, MWDUG, Twin Cities, and Any Other UG’s

8:55 - 9:00 AM CST

IBM Champions

Stuart Litel, IBM

9:00 - 10:00 AM CST

Taming Python and Db2 for z/OS

Jørn Thyssen, Principal Solutions Advisor, IBM z Data and AI

Python is a very popular language for business applications, machine learning and infrastructure provisioning, such as ansible. In this presentation we will show how to configure and install the ibm-db plugin to work with Db2 for z/OS on all platforms. We will also explore examples of DBA and sysprog productivity aid programs using various python libraries to run a Db2 query and save in Excel format; run a Db2 REORG; run Visual Explain; create a set of explain tables; and much more.

10:00 - 11:00 AM CST

Now You See It, with DB2 AI for z/OS 1.5

Akiko Hoshikawa, Distinguished Engineer in IBM Data and AI

Db2 AI for z/OS continues to evolve to provide operational intelligence in Db2. The session covers the quick overview of the product and the updates in Db2ZAI 1.5. 

Db2ZAI 1.5 exploits remote connection statistics to provide the insights that you had not been able to see before, such as: which userid is contributing to DBATs or its thread attributes. The Db2ZAI profile recommendation generates filtering based on client user-id or application name in addition to IP address.  Db2ZAI 1.5 also exploits aggregated accounting information to present the clear performance information - where the time spent in Db2, based on SME experience.

11:00 – Noon CST

Multi-Table Tablespace to Single-Table Tablespace PBG – 4 Techniques

Todd Mollenhauer, Technical Consultant

Multi-Table Tablespace deprecation is still on many Db2 shop’s TO-DO list.  The conversion process requires lots of DBA time and effort, even with improvements to the process with FL508 (MOVE TABLE). 

In the session we’ll look at the following 4 techniques to convert Multi-Table Tablespace (MTTS) to Single-Table Tablespace(STTS) PBG. 

1.     ‘Classic’ – Create STTS PBG, Drop, Unload, Create Tables into new PBG, Load data, Runstats, Rebind 2.     Move Table – Available with FL508
3.     Create temp copy of Tables into new PBG, SQL INSERT operation to move data, then rename tables to convert.
4.     BMC Change Manager DML to identify and create all DDL and Utilities to execute ‘classic’ or Move Table process.

For each technique we’ll explore:

  •  Process flow
  •  Pros and Cons
  •  DBA time and conversion efforts

Noon - 1:00pm CST

Getting Ready for DB2 13

John Lyle, Senior Software Engineer and PDM Team Lead

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the new migration process for the new Db2 13 for z/OS release. The Db2 13 release migration process is significantly different from any previous Db2 release migration. The changes are, in fact, revolutionary. We will detail the Db2 12 to Db2 13 migration process, the Db2 13 Installation process, and go into details regarding application compatibility and the Continuous Delivery process as it relates to Db2 13. Each release brings new migration processes and challenges we will detail the nuts and bolts of the significant Db2 13 process and procedure changes.      

1:00pm - 2:00 pm CST

User Lead Roundtable

Theo Poole, WDUG President

An opportunity for folks to discuss relevant Db2 topics and share experiences across their organizations.  Let's become a community once again, even if only virtually!  Enjoy some real-world discussions with people who have relevant experience!


    Speaker Bios:

    Jørn Thyssen joined Rocket in 2017 as a Solutions Advisor specializing in Db2 tools bringing in 16 years of experience working with IBM z technology and Db2 for z/OS. He specializes in mainframe modernization, Db2 administration, and Db2 performance supporting customers across the world. As a Solutions Advisor he works with customers from their initial interest in a solution all the way to a successful deployment and beyond. He also helps R&D with designing and validating innovative solutions for modernization, hybrid cloud, and AI.

    Jørn started his career at IBM and held several positions starting as application developer, later application DBA and architect, before working many years as a technical sales specialist supporting mainframe customers in the Nordics.

    Jørn is also a 2022 IBM Champion and has presented at many Db2 and mainframe user groups, IBM conferences, and IBM webcasts.

    Akiko Hoshikawa is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM Data and AI. She is a Db2 for z/OS architect with overall responsibility for performance and the strategic integration of AI capability within Db2, including the SQL Data Insights and many other optimizations in Db2. She loves hands-on working with customers, providing performance evaluation, tuning, benchmarks, designing performance features to solve customers’ challenges.  She is one of the core SMEs behind creating Db2 AI for z/OS to provide the intelligent self-tuning & management in Db2.

    Todd Mollenhauer started in IT in 1985 at AT&T in the San Francisco Bay area.  He was a DBA and System programmer for DB2 starting in 1990.  He joined BMC in 1996 as a Software Consultant responsible for pre and post-sales support of BMC’s DB2 products.

    John Lyle has worked for IBM at the Silicon Valley Laboratory in the Db2 organization since 1985. Joining Db2 development in 1995, he has worked in the RDS area focusing mostly on the Db2 system catalog, migration and fallback and the data definitional language (DDL) areas as well as the index manager area. He has been the lead designer and implementer of the catalog and fallback changes since V5 and has worked on numerous other development items over the years. John was the lead designer for Db2 9's Clone table function. In V8 - V11 John was the Utility lead for all of the ENFM changes that were made to the Db2 catalog and directory. In V12 John was a development leader and designer in the move to Db2's new continuous development process and also the new Online Migration capabilities. In Db2 13, John was the lead designer in the changes to the migration process. John is currently working in Db2's Provisioning-Deployment-Migration team as the team leader.         

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